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Kenwood stand mixer


November 13, 2014 By Chelsea Miller 3 Comments

This article is a continuation on a progression of heavy-duty stand mixers surveys for the genuine baker or home cook that invests a great deal of energy using these machines. A decent quality model can accomplish more than simply spare you time and elbow oil in the kitchen: you'll see that it can open up new entryways as far as what you're ready to do, from making gigantic clusters of dough to using connections to make pasta or hotdogs at home. In the event that you are the kind of cook who will make extensive groups of food all the time, verify that you select a top of the line stand mixer that is up to the test. In the first place, you'll require an extensive mixing bowl and second, an intense engine that isn't going to give out the first time you give it particularly thick entire wheat bread dough. We've discovered a contender that ought to keep you grinning because of its ultra-intense engine and the most connections included from the production line with any stand mixer – the Kenwood KMM020 Chef Major Titanium 7-Quart.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Major Stand Mixer

In spite of the fact that Kenwood is less well known in the United States than in the UK and different nations, they create fabulous little appliances that are fabricated to be utilized again and again for extreme employments. The force accessible at the mixer head and bowl size of the Kenwood 7-Quart Major Stand Mixer are equivalent to any of the other top of the line stand mixers intended for home utilize. In spite of the fact that you won't discover a lot of audits on Amazon yet, commentators somewhere else love the machine and it is viewed as one of the best for bread baking.


The Kenwood Chef Major Titanium features a 7-quart bowl, one of the biggest accessible for home utilize. With this sort of limit, you can whip 16 egg whites, blend 10 pounds of cake dough, 5 pounds of bread dough, or 2 pounds of flour. In case you're somebody who likes to have backup pizza dough prepared to haul out of the cooler like me, this is a gigantic point of interest. Need more dough limit then this? Look at Foodal's audit of the Electrolux Assistent/Ankarsrum Original.

Strong stainless steel with two very much composed handles and a profound compartment make this bowl one of the best available

The mixing bowl and the whole machine are developed from stainless steel. With inside and outside development of this quality, this machine will be around basically the length of you need it to be. A bowl with this material won't make a go at breaking on you after you've put it through its paces, either.

This is an extensive and heavy little appliance, so verify you have an available spot to store it. It says something 29 pounds and measures at 16" long x 9.4" wide x 13.5" high.

Intense MOTOR 

This machine has an intense 800-watt engine, which is about normal for the top of the line stand mixers. An engine with this sort of force is very much coordinated for the extensive limit of the mixing bowl: a triple clump of bread dough is no issue for this little appliance. You'll additionally observe that its hard to overheat, so no compelling reason to feel concern when you're putting its capacities under serious scrutiny. It has double engine ventilation focuses so hot air can escape as opposed to getting caught inside the machine.

With eight rates, you'll have all the control you require when mixing. This sort of extent will permit you to impeccably whip cream, altogether blend cookie dough, or gradually knead pizza dough. An exceptional feature found on this Kenwood model is a heartbeat function, which is particularly valuable when cutting spread into baked merchandise like piecrust.

Connections AND FEATURES 

Notwithstanding the bowl, Kenwood incorporates a few connections: a blender that hooks onto a force center, flexi beater, dough snare, k-beater, whisk, and a splashguard. This is the longest rundown of included connections by an organization that I've seen as such, and I've taken a gander at a ton of mixers! The blender itself would be a $100 add-on from most different producers.

A blender is INCLUDED with the Kenwood Major 7-Quart Model 

In spite of the fact that it is obviously no Vitamix, the included blender sits on top of the machine when being used and is awesome for mixing essentials like morning smoothies and soups. With the wide mixture of mixing connections, you'll have the capacity to locate an ideal choice for pretty much any mixing employment you're doing. The included splashguard is one of the best I've seen: it covers the whole top of the bowl with a fold on the right side that you can open to include fixings.

Kenwood 7-qt Major Splash Guard is an one piece plan and works vastly improved than the KitchenAid proportional.

In the same way as other different organizations that offer standing mixers, Kenwood offers extra connections sold independently. These incorporate a mincer, which is incredible for pounding your own meat at home, and a pasta press connection.


Kenwood makes cleanup nice and simple with the Major model! Everything, with the exception of the base obviously, is dishwasher safe. On the off chance that you need to amplify the life of your bowl and connections for whatever length of time that conceivable, you ought to hand wash the extras when you can. At the point when the base gets a messy, simply wipe it down with a warm, sudsy washcloth. Make a point to never completely submerge the base in water.


Kenwood makes an item they're sure about, and it indicates with their 1-year full guarantee and 3-year constrained guarantee. This is one of the longest guarantees for standing mixers I've seen yet, so you have a long while to get this machine settled if something somehow managed to happen.

Since Kenwood is situated in the United Kingdom, it is some more hard to get client service that is speedy or to discover a spot to repair your machine if something does happen. It likewise implies that you'll be obtaining all connections on the web, which isn't a lot of an issue in this day and age.

In the box, you'll discover a book of recipe recommendations to keep you bounty occupied in the kitchen with your ne

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